Dr. Debbie Osborne

Veterinarian & Practice Owner (B.V.Sc)

Dr. Deb did the classic "Let’s move to Alice Springs, just for a year or two", and never left!  Deb is the practice owner and has proudly been a part of the Alice Springs community since 1984 when “we were just a small clinic on the North Stuart Highway”.

Deb became a vet because of a keen interest in science and medicine but the desire to treat more than just one species led her to choose veterinary medicine over human medicine.  She enjoys learning about the amazing advancements in medicine that we can put into practice to “improve the lives of our patients, and by keeping our patients healthier for longer, we are improving the lives of their owners”.

Deb’s goal is to “run the business as a place I would want my pets treated and employ staff I would want caring for my pets.” She believes that a great vet not only knows what’s best for the pet, but also how to make that work for the owner too.

Like most of us in the industry, Deb's pets have been mostly made up of strays or abandoned patients that she has fallen in love with at work. Sometimes our pets find us! Her family is made up of her husband Bryan, their two adult children, and a Kelpie named Sid who was originally purchased to help with Bryan's cattle work and a wolfhound cross originally from Timber Creek.

In the little spare time she has, Deb enjoys cooking and hiking, although rarely finds the time for the latter. One of her goals is to find the time to complete the Larapinta Trail.

Dr. Anne Vastmans


Dr Anne was born in Belgium and has always had a love for animals including the medical side of animals. As Anne has always had this interest she decided to become a veterinarian and graduated from vet school in Belgium in 2016. After graduating Anne decided to become a backpacker in Australia; while travelling Australia she worked in a variety of farms. Anne started working at The Alice Springs Veterinary Hospital in July 2021 as a vet nurse while doing exams to transfer Belgian vet degree to Australia. In January 2022 Anne’s Belgian vet degree had been transferred to Australia and is a vet at The Alice Springs Veterinary Hospital. Anne enjoys interacting with animals and talking to their owners, and surgeries – specifically dentistry and soft tissue surgeries.

Outside work Anne enjoys running on trails with her dog Miki, travelling, camping and exploring with her partner David. Anne’s dog Miki is a kelpie x border collie – he loves to run and chase tennis balls.

Dr Mallory Berryman


Mal has loved animals since she was a child. Growing up she always had lots of pets, so when it came to choosing a career becoming a vet was a no brainer. 

Mal came to work in Alice from Sydney, where she grew up and studied her DVM, and graduated in 2020. She has worked extensively in remote communities as well as in clinic. She loves the variety of cases and species she gets to see here in Alice. She has a particular passion for exotic and wildlife medicine.

Mal is a self-confessed crazy cat lady. She and her partner have 3 cats; Poirot, Pudding and Wingding. Somehow since coming to Alice 3 years ago she has managed to adopt 3 community dogs as well; Mango, Maude and Captain.  She loves to travel, hang out with her MANY pets, and learn new and interesting things.

Morgane Soquet

Head Nurse (Cert IV Veterinary Nursing & RVN)

Morgane comes from France but has been in Australia for over 10 years. She has been in Alice Springs for 9 years! Typical story of travelled through, never left, met The guy, bought a house and had a baby! She started working with us as a trainee in 2020. 

Morgane always loved animals - big or small - but really wanted to be able to medically care for them. That's why she studied Vet Nursing. She loves making a different onto a patient's life by seeing them walking out and going home healthy again. It is a very rewarding job. Not a day is the same. 

Outside work Morgane enjoys spending time with her family which include her partner, her 1.5 year old daughter and her two pets: her dog Chilly and her cat Weasley. They loved spending time together swimming, going for walks and look after the garden.

Jessica Taylor

Senior Vet Nurse (Cert IV Veterinary Nursing & RVN)

Jess grew up in Sydney NSW and spent most of her time in the suburb of Cronulla. She was brought up in a big family of 6. Growing up, they spent a lot of time outdoors and were big on hiking and camping.

Jess started vet nursing in 2018 and have worked mainly in Sydney NSW. Jess moved to Alice Springs 2 years ago with her partner for work and have loved the change.  Jess enjoys the versatility of being a vet nurse. We work in so many areas within the clinic; from anaesthesia, hospitalisation, critical care, radiology, diagnostics to nurse consulting. But mostly loves seeing patients improve under our care. To see them go home a completely different pet brings her joy.

Outside of work, her interests are mainly keeping fit, enjoy being healthy and happy. Spending time with the friends she’s made in Alice and being able to experience new parts of Australia.
Jess has acquired two beautiful pets since moving to Alice Springs. Pictured is her puppy Bitter and she also has a cat called Pinchy. They love to play fight with each other and get along very well – mostly!

CJ Burke

Trainee Veterinary Nurse (Cert III Animal Care)

In August 2021 CJ joined The Alice Springs Veterinary Hospital team; he always wanted a career in caring for animals and that way he could do volunteer work with animals in Australia and overseas. CJ loves watching dogs get super excited to see their owners but more so when they get super excited to see the vet staff.

CJ is originally from Sydney but moved away in 2002 and never looked back. He has lived in Southern Tasmania for 7 years, Newcastle NSW for 8 years. Travelled around Europe, Asia, Canada and New Zealand, but now he is hooked on exploring all over Australia. Previously CJ has worked been a Landscaper, building, horticulturalist, plant nurseries and in construction.

CJ owns an English Staffy x named Arya “my heart, my special little munchkin”. Arya is also the happiest dog on earth. Outside work CJ enjoys ADVENTURES!!! Hiking, camping, mountain biking, bush walks with Arya, dancing at festivals and CrossFit. 

Steffi Howell

Trainee Veterinary Nurse

Steffi is originally from Melbourne, she completed her Bachelor of Animal & Veterinary Bio-sciences degree in 2015, after which she spent some years travelling.  Now settled in Alice Springs with her partner and cats, she is thoroughly enjoying working with animals again and studying again, to get her Veterinary Nursing certificate.

Steffi grew up on a hobby farm (with cows, goats, sheep, dogs and cats), enjoyed being outdoors around them, and always knew she wanted to work with animals.  Nursing suits her perfectly, it is a great balance between hands-on animal work, diagnostics, assisting with surgery, and learning.

She has worked in boarding kennels since being a teenager, but also had a short stint with reptiles during her degree.  She has also done the odd bit of bartending, and plenty of festival work!

Steffi joined our team at The Alice Springs Veterinary Hospital in August 2020. She loves the variation of work, animals, cases and treatments.  No two days are the same! She also really enjoys surgery nursing, she finds it so incredibly interesting.

Steffi has two cheeky rescue cats – Mulga and Puca, some chickens and some fish. In her spare time, she enjoys camping and four-wheel driving, gardening, sewing, and travelling!

Jennifer Taylor

Trainee Veterinary Nurse

Jen is an Alice Springs born local. She enjoys spending her time with her partner, pets and seeing her family and friends regularly. Previously Jen worked at the Alice Springs Animal Shelter and in a few hospitality and retail settings. Outside of work Jen’s interests include, crafts, baking, MX riding, volunteering at the Alice Springs Animal Shelter and frequent visits to the Cinema.

She has always had a passion working with animals; having many pets growing up and working at the Alice Springs Animal Shelter. She saw vet nursing as an opportunity to explore a career path that will allow her to do what she loves. Since starting at The Alice Springs Veterinary Hospital in February 2022 she has found she really enjoys being hands on and learning different skills and procedures. She especially enjoys assisting the Vets in surgeries.

Jen has 2 pets at home Buddy and Daisy. Buddy is a five-year-old Golden Lop who's the queen of the castle and Daisy a one-year-old Parson Russell cross rescue who loves to dote on her older bunny sister.

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