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Meet Our Team


Dr. Debbie Osborne

Practice Owner (B.V.Sc)

Our fearless leader Deb did the classic "lets move to Alice Springs, just for a year or two", and never left!  Dr Deb is the practice owner and has proudly been a part of the Alice Springs Community since 1984 when “we were just a small clinic on the north Stuart Highway”.

Deb became a vet because of a keen interest in science and medicine but the desire to treat more than just one species led her to choose veterinary medicine over human medicine.  She enjoys learning about the amazing advancements in medicine that we can put into practice to “improve the lives of our patients, and by keeping our patients healthier for longer, we are improving the lives of their owners”.

Although Deb is mostly behind the scenes now, working hard to “keep the business running as a place I would want my pets treated and employing staff I would want caring for my pets”, she still practices as one of our most senior and experienced vets, and believes that a great vet not only knows whats best for the pet, but also how to make that work for the owner too.

Like most of us in the industry, Deb's pets have been mostly made up of strays or abandoned patients that she has fallen in love with at work. Sometimes our pets find us! Her family is made up of her husband Bryan, their two adult children, and a Kelpie named Sid who was originally purchased to help with Bryan's cattle work and a wolfhound cross originally from Timber Creek.

Whilst Deb has many accolades and acronyms to her name spanning an illustrious career as a respected veterinarian, she is also an excellent cook who often bakes us fresh loaves of bread that disappear from the staff room in minutes, and treats us to an indulgent Christmas feast for our staff Christmas party every year.

In the little spare time she has she enjoys cooking and hiking, although rarely finds the time for the latter. One of her goals is to find the time to complete the Larapinta Trail.

Dr. Richard Bishop

Veterinarian (B.V.Sc)

Dr. Richard comes from a farming background but wanted a career with animals, not "machinery and crops". Richard has been in the veterinary industry for more than 35 years, having extensive experience working with companion animals, working dogs, cattle, sheep, horses, goats, alpaca and some pigs and poultry. Originating from New Zealand, Richard has always had an interest in surgery, both soft tissue and orthopaedics, and enjoys the challenge of managing very involved medical cases. He is a very valued senior vet who kindly mentors our vet students and new grads and there doesn't seem to be much he doesn't know or can't do!

His family is made up of his wife Liz, two grown up children, two grandchildren and one very spoilt dog Jess (pictured). Richard believes "it is compulsory to have a sense of humour and fun in your work" so is always making us laugh. He is also a great believer in remaining calm, "there is no situation you cannot find a resolution to with a calm and reasoned approach", so we often go to Richard with our problems for help :) Dr. Bishop is known for his kind, gentle and loving manner with pets and is always talking to his patients who adore him!

Outside of work he is a gym and crossfit enthusiast, armchair sports fan (especially rugby union and cricket), a keen chess player and is interested in world share markets, current events and documentaries about the world we live in.

At staff meetings we all enjoy what we call "Story Time with Richard", where Richard shares with us his plentiful and amusing yarns from his long and varied career!


Dr. Aisling Digges

Veterinarian (BVSc)

Dr Ash first came to Alice Springs Veterinary Hospital as a final year veterinary student. 12 months later, we welcomed her back as one of the veterinary team. After two years here, Ash left to travel, but came back a couple of times as a locum vet. She is back again as a permanent member of the team. We are thrilled to have her back! Pet parent to her two cats Esmeralda and FantaPants and her beautiful bunny Hendrix (pictured).
Dr Ash strives to provide the best possible medical and surgical care for patients and "to speak on behalf of our patients who cannot speak for themselves", while also working with our clients "to ensure we can provide the best care for our pets together."

Outside of being a Super Star Vet, Dr Ash enjoys the great outdoors- hiking, camping and getting off the beaten track; but we have a sneaking suspicion the main reason she came back to Alice Springs was canoe polo! 

Emily Bindle


Emily grew up in Alice Springs, where she completed Year 12 at Our Lady of  the Sacred Heart College. Emily spent time working in both hospitality and retail, until her passion for animals and customer service lead her to join our team as a Receptionist in April 2016.

In her spare time Emily enjoys watching comedy and crime shows. She also loves to cook and spend time with her family, including beautiful dog Zoey and cats Snowbell and Tinkerbell (pictured). A big fan of outdoor activites, Emily is often out camping and enjoys going four wheel driving with friends.

Lauren Castle

Trainee Nurse (Certificate II in Animal Studies)

Lauren joined the Alice Springs Veterinary Hospital team in 2017 as a Trainee Veterinary Nurse and is now well on the way to completing Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing.

Lauren became a veterinary nurse because of a deep love for all animals. "These guys don't speak our language, have nothing in common with us and yet our bonds with them are often stronger than the ones we have with people." Lauren is in constant amazement of what our furry friends can survive and endure, and believes that they "are true warriors who at the end of the day want a cuddle and a warm bed".

She strives to comfort the ill, love the lost and treat every patient and owner with the respect and compassion they deserve. In her short time here Lauren has already made herself known as the "bleeding heart" who takes home all the strays who need love and around the clock care!

Her family is made up of human Mum Cherie, husband Jonno and furry family members of the feline variety Binky, Lachy, Isis, Alakay and canine Bowser. All her pets are rescues with the most recent addition, a stray kitten who we all fell in love with and named "Gillen" after the place he was found (pictured).

Ray Jones

Veterinary Nurse (Certificate II in Animal Studies, Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing )

Ray, originally from North East Victoria, joined the Alice Springs Veterinary Hospital team in March 2016.

In 2015, Ray had decided to travel through the UK and Europe returning back to Australia to spend Christmas catching up with friends in Alice Springs. Working as a general mechanic for years and having a change of heart, Ray found the opportunity to do some work experience with the Alice Springs Veterinary Hospital and amazingly loved it, accepting the position of a Trainee Veterinary Nurse. Ray obtained his Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing in record time - a reflection of his committment and dedication to his training and his work. 

Ray is currently petless but one day hopes to adopt a camp dog or a cattle dog (his favourite breed, but don't tell our other patients!). At the moment he gets by with cuddles from his patients every day!

Ray is an "outdoorsy" type, who enjoys travel, rock climbing, mountain biking, hiking, camping and has hopes to someday be able to play the Ukulele. He also makes a great lime tart for our staff celebrations!

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