This logo and the plaque proudly displayed on our wall certifies that we are an Accredited Veterinary Hospital of Excellence, conforming to the stringent standards set by the Australian Small Animal Veterinarians (ASAV).

It is important that you are familiar with this logo and recognise which veterinary hospitals display it for your assurance of excellent service, facilities and all-round patient care.

Because your pet is an important member of your family, we set the highest standards for our animal hospitals. These standards are based upon what humans expect from their own doctors and medical facilities.

To ensure that we continually maintain the required standards, every Accredited Veterinary Hospital of Excellence is regularly inspected by an independent expert appointed by the ASAV who scrutinises the hospital facilities, case management and record keeping. Radiographic technique, quality and interpretations are
reviewed by specialist radiologists.

Overall each hospital must be able to prove to the ASAV that they maintain exemplary best practice veterinary medicine and surgery.

Benefits to you and your pet....

•Our veterinary and nursing staff are a vital part of our hospital’s operation, and your pet’s recuperation will be greatly assisted by their
humane care.

•Amongst the range of facilities our hospital offers is a temperature controlled environment for the comfort and wellbeing of all our patients.

•The ASAV Accredited Veterinary Hospital Scheme requires all veterinarians not only to maintain, but also to continually upgrade their skillsand knowledge.

•For an instant historical record of your pet’s health and a guide to future care, complete medical histories are maintained for every patient.

•Complete diagnostic services such as blood and urine tests, electrocardiograms, diagnostic ultrasound and endoscopy are performed
in-house or referred to specialists.

•All Accredited Veterinary Hospitals of Excellence must provide full radiological service at all times.

•Dental services including routine prophylaxis, extractions and dental radiography are provided in general practice veterinary hospitals.

•Our modern surgical suite provides a sterile environment and facilities including sterile gowns, individually wrapped sterile instrument packs and the latest operating equipment.

•We understand the very real concern experienced by most pet owners when their animal requires an anaesthetic. The very high standard of equipment and anaesthetic monitoring required of an ASAV Accredited Veterinary Hospital of Excellence offers your pet the safest anaesthesia possible.

•All Accredited Veterinary Hospitals of Excellence provide a wide range of appropriate medications ensuring that they are on hand for when your pet needs them. Your Accredited Veterinary Hospital of Excellence will ensure that sick or injured animals can be treated and monitored around the clock and if necessary, cared for in an intensive care facility.

While we appreciate that not all visits will require such extensive facilities, it is comforting to know and important for you to be aware of their availability if your pet or any other animal needs them.

Many accredited veterinary hospitals also offer routine veterinary health care – and the good news is that your Accredited Veterinary Hospital of Excellence offers all these services at competitive prices.

                                                        “We set the highest standards for our animal hospitals”