If you are moving overseas and taking your pet with you, please be aware that the process of ensuring their safe arrival can be complicated, time consuming and expensive.

Many countries have many different entry requirements for pets and these requirements are changing all the time- making it a challenging task to ensure your pet leaves the country with everything it must have to arrive at another.  Some countries are also very strict on the timing of when certain vaccines or medications are administered, so the correct timing of all aspects is critical to a smooth transition.

If you have plans to leave Australia with your pets, please advise us as early as possible- this will ensure there is enough time for all treatments required. You can always cancel your appointment, however if it is left to the last minute and issues arise, the process can be disrupted which can result in frustrating delays.  


Upon contacting us to advise of your plans you will be given an Export Questionnaire in which we will need all the details regarding your departure including dates, destinations, stop-overs and your pets previous vaccination history.  When we have received the completed questionnaire, a vet will then begin to research the necessary information regarding the destination country and what is required for your pet to enter. It is important to note that your pet must be microchipped for entry into any other country and the use of a pet transport company is recommended (ie Jet Pets or Dogtainers).

After we have completed all the necessary research we will then discuss any treatment requirements with you. We may need to order vaccines or other preventative treatments. You will then have a consultation with our export vet to finalise and administer any necessary vaccines or treatments.

Please understand that the Alice Springs Veterinary Hospital is able to assist with the requirements for export, but that we do not have AQIS accredited veterinarians and it is the exporters responsibility for ensuring that your pet/s will comply with the importing country's requirements at the time of export.

If you have any questions regarding the exportation of pets overseas, please call us on 8952 9899.