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Our Pets

Staff Pet Profile: Bullzye


This handsome little guy is Nurse Laurens Rotti Cross puppy Bullzye. Bullzyes Mum was found unwell in someones yard and it was obvious that she had recently had puppies but they weren't with her. The family that found her searched the hills near their house and eventually found the litter of puppies! They were only 2 weeks old and Lauren knew straight away one of them was going to be hers.

As you can see, young Bullzye likes to poke his nose through the fence to welcome his family home and to also say good bye. He also enjoys jumping up on people for attention but is very good at sit, drop & shake. Bullzye loves treats and dipping in his pool and his least favourite thing is not being the centre of attention!

Staff Pet Profile: Luna

Luna is a 5 year old Golden Retriever who is Nurse Laurens second dog (big sis to Bullzye). Lauren spotted Luna at the Alice Springs Animal Shelter when she was there dropping off donations and it was love at first sight. Two weeks later Luna was up for adoption. Luna is a massive sweetheart who will tap you with her paw until you pet her or at the very least hold her paw. "She does this in the car, at home and even at the park".

The master of the "puppy dog eyes", Luna rarely gets in trouble because the naughtiest thing she does is jump up for cuddles! Luna absolutely loves her swimming pool, as you can see in the photos. She is a gorgeous girl and a very welcome and much loved addition to Laurens furry family!



Staff Pet Profile: Gillen

This precious little kitty was presented to us as a stray with his 4 siblings. Nurse Lauren and Gillen fell in love instantly and he is now a very special part of her furry family. Gillen is a very good helper who enjoys assisting his Mum with everything from video calls with family to hanging out the washing. The only thing he does not enjoy is having a bath.

For attention he will bite at the iPad or phone that is stopping him from getting love. Gillen (named after the suburb where he was found) is a handsome cuddle monster who we all adore. He is now big brother to new puppy Bullzeye who is having a lot of funny annoying Gillen.


Staff Pet Profile: Gilly



Meet Gilly, Nurse Alex's 1 year old (ish) Mixed Breed Dog! The very handsome Gilly loves chasing the water from the hose, food and his toys. He knows how to sit & drop but is still learning other tricks.  He is an affectionate fellow who gives lots of cuddles and kisses with his worst habit being pulling the washing off the line! Nobodys perfect, right?


Staff Pet Profile: Angus

This is Angus. He is a 6 year old German Shepherd whose Mum is one of our nurses Kristen. Angus is one of 4 pets in his family, he is little brother to Bonnie the German Shepherd and big brother to cats Lilli and Clyde. He is a big fan of cats and has helped Kristen raise 3 litters of orphaned kittens- he will help with toileting them, grooming them and being a warm body to cuddle.Not only is he a sweet kitten dad but also very clever- his best trick is "play dead", but he sometimes adds dramatic effect by crying out before falling down.

What an all round legend!

Staff Pet Profile: Lulu

Lulu is our Customer Service Manager Kate's 5 year old boxer cross. Lulu was adopted by Kate as a 1 year old from a boxer rescue website. Born in Alice Springs, her previous owner flew her up to Darwin where Kate was living at the time and it was love at first sight!

Lulu is a kind and gentle soul who even visits an Aged Care home as a therapy dog. She is food obsessed and will do anything for treats- her best trick is “SPIN!”. Lulu is the master at arranging pillows to ensure her maximum comfort, and can sleep on her self made pillow land all day. Lulus best feature is her snaggle tooth that always gets a laugh when it comes out. She is head of security at home and takes this role very seriously by barking furiously at delivery drivers and the postman.

Staff Pet Profile: Zoey

Meet Zoey. Zoey is our receptionist Emily's 1 year old Cattle Dog Cross.As a tiny puppy, Zoey was one of a litter of pups found dumped in Emilys front yard. Whilst the rest of her siblings went to the shelter Emily had already fallen in love so decided to keep her. Destroying toys and climbing up onto window sills to say hello are a couple of Zoeys favourite activities. She can be quite shy with new people but Emily is helping her to build her confidence with strangers.

Isn't she cute?!

Staff pet profile: Dixon

This is Kates new kitten Dixon (named after the road where he was found!). Dixon was a stray kitten that we could not find an owner for, so of course Kate decided to keep him. How could you resist that face?

A typical 4 month old kitten, Dixon often sprints around the house in the wee hours of the morning and wakes Kate up by kneading her head and hair, also very early in the morning! He is a purring machine and loves to snuggle and play. He bothers his big, boxer sister Lulu by chasing and biting her tail but Lulu being the angel that she is just patiently moves away (over and over again!). Dixon is currently learning to sit for his dinner and walk on a harness. He enjoys play dates with his best cat friend Toby who lives nearby (they pine for each other!), eating chicken necks and is obsessed with hair.

Staff pet profile:  Bonnie

Bonnie is Nurse Kristens 10 year old German Shepherd. Kristen has had Bonnie since she was just a wee little pup and like most of our pets, she has her little quirks! Each morning Bonnie refuses to eat her breakfast until there’s a few cat biscuits put on top, then she will enjoy her brekky one biscuit at a time. One of her favourite pastimes is eating cat poop from her kitty sister Lilli. Bonnie knows many tricks thanks to a lifetime of training with Kristen, so throws them all out at once whenever the treat pouch comes out!

Staff pet profile:  Lilli

Lilli is yet another stray kitten that was lucky enough to land in the right place. In this case, it was in the arms of one of our amazing nurses Kristen. When we first met Lilli she was basically hairless and very skinny. Kristen fell in love at first sight and endeavoured to take her home and get her healthy. Each night Lilli gives her 2 German Shepherd siblings a full body massage.

Lilli has flourished in her new loving home and is now one beautiful, well nourished kitty! She loves pulling the classic kitty move of coming inside then quickly dashing out again before Kristen can close the door, such a character! She can be seen here (front) with her brother Clyde.


Staff pet profile: Clyde

This is one special kitty! Like many vet nurses cats, Clyde was one of a litter of five day old kittens brought into the vet clinic Kristen was working at in 2012, and it was love at first sight. Clyde is a favourite of Kristens German Shepherd Angus, you can see him snuggling with Angus after a big surgery in the photos. He and Angus are very close, so much so that Clyde will often clean his ears. Clyde is one of four pets, he is big brother to Lilly the cat and little brother to another Shepherd- Bonnie. You can also see him being a hero and donating blood in the photos- what a guy!

A classic sneaky kitty move, Clyde often pretends to be walking past the dogs when they are sleeping then pounces on them! Another classic stubborn cat move, he refuses to budge from his favourite spot in the garden when its time to come inside. He is a big snuggle muffin and enjoys his nightly snuggle with Mum at bedtime. We love Clyde!



Staff Pet Profile:  Isis

The lovely Isis is one furry family member of our trainee Nurse Laurens family. She is a three year old domestic long hair and was found dumped on a construction site at just 2 days old. Isis was the only surviving kitten of the litter and was hand raised by a lovely lady whom Lauren then adopted her from. She is a lover of attention and will do anything for cuddles, including rolling on her back to expose her fluffy tummy and staring the other cats down until they play with her.

Staff Pet Profile:  Pengu

This is Pengu, another of Myles our Receptionists cats. Named after the cartoon character "Pingu" (a penguin who runs around with a loud voice), Pengu the cat is exactly the same, and can be heard miles away when communicating! Pengu is quite the demanding kitty, and will often tip over his water bowl when he finds the water is not of sufficient coolness or freshness. A lover of water (preferably cold and fresh), Pengu also likes to get in the shower or bath tub with his parents! Like many cats he also enjoys a sunbathe in the window and is generally quite a mellow kitty.


      Staff Pet Profile:  Sid

Meet Dr. Deb’s dog Sid. Sid is a 5 year old female Kelpie who was bred on Kidman Springs Station in the Victoria River region of the NT. She is named after Sir Sidney Kidman and is trained to help Debs husband Bryan with his cattle work on the NT governments Old Man Plains Research Station just south of Alice.
Sid best trick is walking very slowly towards her dinner on command. Despite Deb and Bryans best efforts she will still sleep on the cushions outside even though it is not allowed (and she knows it!).Being as Aussie as a dog can be, the magic word for her being allowed to eat dinner is “Righto”, of course :)

Staff Pet Profile: Alekay


This 4 year old boy was adopted by Nurse Lauren as he was unable to be used for breeding. Being a Bengal, he weighs in at a solid 9kg! Alekay LOVES kittens and can often be found running up to them to groom them, despite them being frozen in fear because of the fast approaching huge kitty coming at them!
Like most cats, Alekay has his quirks and ways of showing when he is displeased with something. He often knocks everything off the coffee table with one swoop of his giant tail! He loves ping pong balls and hates being told "No"! He is as handsome as he is cheeky! What a beautiful boy.

Staff Pet Profile: Tallulah


Tallulah is one of Myles three beautiful cats. Sister to Pengu & Snowbaby, three year old Tallulah is "my guardian angel" and always right by her Dads side :) Believe it or not these three are from the same litter, despite all looking very different! When Myles went to get "just one cat" he ended up bringing the entire litter of 3 home, which did not go down well with his partner!
Like many cats, Tallulah enjoys scratching everything EXCEPT her scratching post and loves to play with her favourite "mouse on a string" toy whilst attempting acrobatic flips in the air.Talllulah is very affectionate and loves lots of cuddles and kisses, but does not enjoy being picked up.

Staff Pet Profile: Heidi

This little lady is the new addition to Dr Audreys family.Heidi is an 8 month old domestic medium hair cat who was brought to the hospital as a stray at around 4 months of age. Heidi suffers from a neurological condition which makes her unsteady on her feet. As she was not a good candidate for re-homing Dr Audrey decided to keep her instead- what better home for Heidi than at a vets house!

Dr Audrey has already taught Heidi to sit for her food and to come back from the garden when called. Heidi enjoys chewing on soft cloths and when she first got to Audreys was unfortunately using the Lego box as a litter tray! Now toilet trained, Heidi is a much loved part of the family and makes everyone laugh as she awkwardly rolls down the stairs then casually walks off, her condition is of little consequence to this tough little kitten.


Staff Pet Profile: Jess

This 7 year old female, desexed Staffy Cross is the apple of Dr Richards eye. Jess grew up on a farm chasing rabbits in New Zealand. Whilst her breeds are unknown Richard thinks she is mostly staffy, possibly with a little border collie, greyhound or whippet. She used to be very fast, clocking in at 45km per hour running alongside a quad bike.
Jess made a smooth transition to the warmth of Alice Springs, much preferring it over the cold of NZ! She enjoys car rides and going for walks. When the "W-A-L-K" word is mentioned she leaps in the air, spins 360 degrees whilst yipping loudly nonstop until you take her.
Like lots of our dogs, Jess has an uncanny time clock and can identify the days and times a walk is most likely, and will begin barking and leaping before Richard has even decided its walk time! Jess is a very privileged dog, and often gets the best spot on the couch, even if this means kicking Richard off to sit on an outdoor chair! She is one of those dogs that think they are human, and is much loved by her humans.
Staff Pet Profile: Snowbaby

Snowbaby is one of three sibling cats that belong to our Receptionist Myles. She is a 3 year old with "a spicy little spirit" and enjoys play fighting with anyone thats willing! A bit of an escape artist, Snowbaby is known as the "Houdini of cats" and despite their best efforts to secure their yard, she always finds a way out.  She loves to climb on the roof and going out for walks on her harness, "to the point where she even tries putting it on herself!"

Snowbaby looks very different to her siblings despite them all being from the same litter and she also does not enjoy having to share the human attention with her brother and sister!

Staff Pet Profile: Fantapants

Fantapants is an 8 year old cat who was adopted by Dr Ash in her final year of vet school, and was "my emotional support snuggles when the work and learning was overwhelming!". A true snuggler indeed, Fantapants lifts up the blankets to put himself in bed under the covers and even rests his head on the pillow. "He once did this in a neighbours grandsons crib- she showed me a photo- I was mortified, she was highly amused and asked to trade cats!".
Fantapants is a clever fellow who can open cupboards and door handles to let himself in and out of rooms at will. He can also sit, stay, shake, hi-five and twirl on the spot, but only when Mum has food in her hand! He is a lover of food and like many cats, does not enjoy "smothery, enforced cuddles!". What a handsome guy!

Staff Pet Profile: Esmeralda

Esmeralda was adopted by Dr Ash from Sydney University Vet Teaching Hospital and is kitty sis to Fantapants who we have already met :) Essie likes to curl up in tiny balls in different hiding places and often surprises her Mum hiding in cupboards among the towels!
After years of watching Fanta open doors she has finally learnt to also be able to do it herself- Go Essie! Esmeralda is a big snuggle bug and loves nothing more than being the little spoon when its cold. She is a sensitive soul and gets stressed in the presence of other cats - "Fanta is quite enough energy for my sensitive little Essie".... awww!